• Personnel Selection Process

    Recruitment, Screening and Placement

    Background screening is an essential function and is extremely important to the hiring process. You need to be confident that your security services provider is conducting thorough and comprehensive screening of all personnel assigned to your facility so that you can focus on other priorities. We employ traditional recruitment methods that include classified advertisement, government and private job centers, Job Fairs and internet Job Boards and Social Media. However, our best candidates often are referred to us by current or past employees and even from our customers themselves.

    Pre-Employment Background Investigation and Onboarding

    To ensure that we assign the best possible security personnel to your account, we utilize a comprehensive system for recruitment, selection, hiring, and post-employment evaluation. This process places the responsibility for selective recruitment and placement with Am-Gard; where it belongs. It also can provide for your involvement in the interviewing and final selection process if you so desire, ensuring skill set commensurate assignments for our security officers meeting and or exceeding your expectations.

    Am-Gard’s Minimum Qualifications Exceed Industry Standards

    • Possess a High School Diploma or GED 
    • Higher education preferred
    • 18 years of age
    • Born or naturalized citizen of the United States, or valid work authorization
    • Well-developed level of maturity and interpersonal skills in interacting with the general public
    • Mentally alert with strong skills of reasoning, able to calmly handle stressful situations, de-escalate situations in a non-confrontational manner and effectively manage verbal and physical confrontations
    • No disqualifying convictions, no dishonorable or undesirable military discharge or any pattern of irresponsible behavior including but not limited to; unreasonable driving, or a concerning employment record
    • Valid Driver’s license or State ID card in current their state of residence
    • Strong focus on successful accomplishment of post orders
    • Ability to articulate and understand English clearly
    • Ability to comprehend and follow oral and written orders, procedures and materials
    • Ability to organize and communicate information clearly, write reports, convey a sequence of events, incident cause and outcomes
    • Basic computer skills and ability to utilize online and other computer based reporting tools
    • Clean, neat and well–groomed appearance
    • Suitable physical strength and health, able to stand for long periods on their feet and the ability to lift up to 70 pounds
    • Has successfully completed all required training courses
    • Be available to work a flexible schedule if necessary
    • Have access to reliable transportation 

    Stringent Background Checks that Exceed Industry Standards

    Our background screening process for both officers and supervisors is selective and vigilant. Our strict adherence to EEOC standards and practices, you are assured that we fully support and enhance your own employment practices and compliance programs. Am-Gard makes only those inquiries necessary to determine the applicant's eligibility to be considered for employment. Documents required for legitimate business purposes which reveal protected information (such as birth certificates, naturalization papers, or medical histories) are requested after a job offer is made, not before.