• The Am-Gard Advantage

    Am-Gard believes that quality training should be the building blocks or foundation of any comprehensive security and safety program and we are proud and privileged to work with customers who share in this same philosophy. The intangible value of quality training is demonstrated every day by the consistent performance of our security personnel and operational managers.

    Service Delivery

    Contained within, we further discuss Am-Gard’s approach to delivering the highest quality security services for, including but not limited to the following:
    • Value: Am-Gard understands that your specific security program must be cost effective without compromising integrity. We will work hard and collaborate with you and your key personnel to develop and maintain a cost-effective comprehensive security program specific to your unique requirements. We commit to always strive to identify and deploy the most cost effective and efficient industry operational best practices delivering you the highest quality service for the absolute best value.
    • Training: Each and every Am-Gard training program is designed to develop our professional security personnel and to prepare them for success in the execution of their daily assignments. Professionally trained and prepared personnel are more likely to execute correctly under pressure as well as deliver exceptional operational services daily.
    • Security Team: The personnel assigned to your site location(s) will be specifically recruited based upon assignment and responsibilities, thoroughly screened and trained to your site specific and unique requirements.
    • Experience: For more than 40 years, Am-Gard has led the industry and developed best practices that are now standard components of our security programs and exceptional service. Our professional service delivery, commitment and responsiveness, ensures that our customer’s expectations are met and or exceeded and our security personnel receive the support they deserve and require to be successful in their assigned duties.

      We sincerely believe in truly partnering with our clients thus becoming immersed in your unique culture and as dedicated to your success as you are. Your success is our success. Am-Gard has positioned itself as the premier provider of security services of choice in your area. The investment we have made in local management, systems, protocol, procedures and technology is extensive and second to none which represents the key differences between Am-Gard and the competition. Am-Gard manages your security program so you don’t have to!

    Local Response

    Am-Gard’s local management team and owners are actively engaged in the day to day operations and service delivery to our customers. They work collaboratively with your team to administer training, track compliance and identify new training needs and opportunities. We provide our personnel with the industry’s best training because it is paramount to provide exceptional customer service, retain the best personnel and to build a culture of achieving excellence.

    Am-Gard Responsiveness Advantage

    You can rely on Am-Gard to implement and manage a high quality, efficient and effective security program. When your security program is properly managed and supported, you can focus your attention elsewhere.

    Through our local response management practices and processes, our managers are empowered decision makers who understand your account. These managers routinely deal with scheduling, training and compliance requirements as well as all of the other site specific operational components that make for a seamless response.