A Family Affair

The Boczar family's involvement in security management services began in 1970, when Lorraine Boczar and her husband Edward L. Boczar founded AM-GARD. Edward M. Boczar, son of Lorraine and Edward took over the firm in 1976 and continues today as AM-GARD's highest-seated official.


Changing of the Guard

Jennifer Boczar officially joined the AM-GARD following graduation from the University of Pittsburgh where she earned a B.S. in Business Management. She became an owner with the passing of her grandmother Lorraine in 2006 making Jennifer and AM-GARD a third-generation, woman-owned, family business.

Edward Boczar and Jennifer Boczar

Starting out as a project manager, Jennifer has worked her way to Chief Operating Officer in her father's security company. In short order, Jennifer began to find new ways to individualize security services, which led to new opportunities, a daunting task in this male-dominated industry. In fact, in 2004, the Pittsburgh Business Times named Jennifer and AM-GARD as one of Pittsburgh's Top-Five Woman Owned Firms. Jennifer also helps support the community by serving as a nominee on Pittsburgh's 50 Finest, serving the Cystic Firbrosis Foundation, and is involved with Animal Friends and many more charitable functions.

"Small business is the economic engine that fuels our economy and creates the most new jobs for our local and national work force," said Edward Boczar, President of AM-GARD. "We are excited to have Jennifer leading the way and promise to work evne harder to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our family-owned business is based on the idea that security solutions should be affordable as well as superior and no one knows that better than Jennifer."



Our Impressive Growth

AM-GARD maintains accounts throughout the eastern portion of the United States with a client roster that has grown considerably over the years, making AM-GARD synonymous with security.

The Future is Secure

Today, the general management responsbilities for AM-GARD rest with the company's president, Edward M. Boczar. Mr. Boczar and AM-GARD's corporate management team have more than 175 years of combined experience in the contract security business. Together, they bring unique insight into the administration and operation of security services management that is seldom matched by other contract security providers.

AM-GARD's Mission is to:

  • Provide high-quality, affordable contract security solutions
  • Create and cultivate long-term relationships with clients
  • Respond immediately to the changing needs of our clients
  • Achieve complete customer satisfaction
  • Improve our services continuously
  • Maintain professional relationships with our dedicated guards by encouraging ongoing communication to achieve the highest standard of performance